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Flashback Mystery

This picture is a mystery to me. After a bit of research I still cannot figure out what this might be about. Was it an accident during the construction of the Motel? The picture appears to be taken sometime late 1950's-early 1960's in the parking lot of the Queens Motor Inn. The Queens Motor Inn sat where Dewes Grocery Store is today.

Perhaps one of My Belleville's readers has some insight to this picture.

It Appears to be a c1955 Ford Meteor flattened by a large slab of concrete.

Queens Motor Inn c1960. Built sometime in the 1950's. Listed amenities in an advertisement 45 modern units, bath, showers, broadloom, radio and television. Some rooms air conditioned.

As I understand, it was a satellite site of Belleville General Hospital for the elderly before being purchased by the developers of the Dewes Grocery Store.

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