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BCIVS Friends Flashback

Belleville Grammar School built 1851

I am posting this picture to clear up a misconception of a picture posted on BCIVS Friends a few weeks back.

In this picture you see Belleville Grammar School which was constructed 1851. It was located to the east of the Belleville High School on the John Street side.

Below is the picture which some BCI friends debated about and even had some people baffled. Before BCIVS was constructed there was the Grammar school and at least one other home and perhaps two along John Street. I have another picture but unable to find at this time showing a view from the window of the B.H.S. looking into BCIVS while being constructed. It was this land that the Grammar school sat which BCIVS was built.

Above picture shows Belleville High School on left or to the west of BCI under construction. It shows several men lifting a metal support beam through what appears to be the middle door on the west side of our beloved school. BCIVS officially opened December 13, 1928 at a total cost of $550,000.

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