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My Belleville Website

As the website is still under construction, I ask you all to be patient as the site evolves. Five years ago I began thinking of this sites concept. It was shortly before our local newspaper removed it's article blogs. I just so happen to blog under the name, My Belleville. Who doesn't like to reminisce, or tell stories? Most of us enjoy offering an opinion on the positions that affect us locally. My Belleville is all of this and more. An interactive site which provides a place to reminisce the Past, keep up to date on the Present, while having a say on the Future of Belleville. Articles will be added daily, weekly and monthly, covering businesses, people, places, or events. Periodically we will be doing a Spotlight article on a local business. All are covering one of or all, Past, Present or Future themes. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Pete Hercus, a teacher at Quinte Secondary School. With my direction, Pete and his students given the challenge of coming up with the My Belleville Logo came up with the design. Miss Brookes designed the winning logo. I encourage everyone to interact on this site, but I only ask that you be respectful, no racial, slanderous, or vulgar comments. Moderators will remove all comments deemed inappropriate. Repeat offenders will be removed/blocked from the website. Once a month we will be giving away a My Belleville T-Shirt by drawing names from registrations. ( Names are left in who do not win for future draws) To qualify for this, you must register. Registration is also a requirement of the forums, which are coming soon. Periodically there will be T-Shirt giveaways on our Guess this Photo and Location Contest.

All are encouraged to submit stories and ideas and participate in conversations of interest. Let the History Continue...

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