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Origins of Belleville City Streets

Whether you live on Holmes Road in the West, Haig Road in the East, St. Paul Street in the South, or Bell Blvd in the North, a majority have an origin to the City of Belleville. There is a master list of potential street names that building contractors are asked to make a selection when developing sub-divisions. This list is from time to time updated by a committee who choose names of citizens who have made significant contributions to the City of Belleville. The file contains not only notable members of our community but also catchy words; for example, they might include a species of tree or a type of spice. What I did not realize until I visited City Hall, was that the list has to pass a 9-1-1 test, which is not just for the city of Belleville, but all of Hastings County. This test eliminates all potential candidates who might confuse dispatcher with pronunciation or a street with the same or similar name. I will be posting a reoccurring article with a randomly chosen city street, and it's origin starting next week. Below is a master list who qualify for potential streets in the City of Belleville. If you thought a name was on this list and no longer is, see the list further below of discarded candidates.


Below is a list which shows which names have been eliminated after being subjected to 9-1-1 scrutiny.

My father (Charlie Kammer) was tickled pink when he realized his name was chosen as a potential candidate around 2006. I am not surprised when the name was de-selected during 9-1-1 scrutiny, based on our life long mispronunciation of our last name.

Do our readers know anyone on these lists?

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