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Rebranding Moira Secondary

Moira Secondary School

With the impending closure of Quinte Secondary School, the Hastings and Prince Edward School Board in their infinite wisdom have chosen to rebrand Moira Secondary. Quinte Secondary students are merging with both Centennial and Moira Secondary Schools, but only Moira requires rebranding. The Board gave the excuse that rebranding Centennial is not necessary because boundaries will change. If this is the excuse given, then merely change all boundaries to reflect the need for NO rebranding for any school. The rebranding seems frivolous and unnecessary based on what I know. The fact is, with insider information, the rebranding will happen, even though an online petition with nearly 2500 names against has gained momentum. If you work with the school board, you have no voice in this matter and have to follow and agree with the decisions made. We as taxpayers will have to live with this change, but we can send a message at the polls during the next election.

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