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182 Years ago today

The wife and three sons of Mr. Henry Corby, baker, were drowned when the sleigh in which they were driving went through the ice between Belleville and Fairman's Island on the 27th, Mr. Corby came from London about three years ago. His three sons were named Henry, James and Charles. (Copied from Belleville paper dated 29th December, 1835.)

Jamima Williams Corby age 28 (1807-1835)

James Corby age 4 years (1831-1835)

Henry Corby age 3 years (1832-1835)

Charles Corby age 2 months (1835-1835)

Henry Corby Sr was consoled by a community of less than 2000 people until he remarried three years later in 1838 to Matilda William (no relation to Jamima). They named four of their children in honour of the ones who drowned that December 27th 1835.

James Corby (1839-1910) married Augusta J Soles

Jamima Corby (1840-1930) married David Roswell Leavens

Henry Corby Jr (1851-1917) married Maria Courteney

Charles Corby (1855-1920) married Ida Caroline Taylor

-other children of Henry and Matilda Corby

Matilda Corby (1842-1932) married Uriah Elliott Thompson

Ann Corby (1848-unkn)

Rosa Corby (1849-1931) married Roger Conger Clute

Elizabeth Corby (1853-1900) married Charles William Pole

Edward Corby (1858-1889) married Alice Louise Diamond

Emily Corby (1860-1896)

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