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Flashback Friday 1.8

This picture from my private collection

January 5, 1907 the Hotel Quinte Burned to the ground leaving only it's shell.

This was only half of the tragedy. Shortly before noon on January 6, 1907 two gents, George Perry and Lewis Bolyea were poking around the ruins of the structure. A fireman warned the two men they were in a dangerous position. Moments later, bricks fell from the top of the structure striking both men. Both were sent to the hospital and one, Lewis Bolyea with serious injury. George Perry was released from hospital with minor injuries but Lewis succumbed to his injuries and died of a cerebral hemorrhage.

Lewis was born December 9, 1856, Vermont, USA. He leaves behind a wife, Levenia and three children Arthur, Lewis, Anna, Agnes and Levenia.

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