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The Holton Estate

Holton residence c1875

Located at 99 Bridge Street east, but 100 years ago was 195 John Street. Built c1850 for Ezra William Holton on a two acre lot adorned by various fruit trees, including apple, pear and plum.

Ezra William Holton born Vermont USA September 7, 1810, came to Belleville 1832 and took up employment at Billa Flint's General Store. After some time, Flint so respected Ezra Holton that they soon became partners in business. A few short years later Flint and Holton mutually dissolved their partnership.

Shortly after his death June 27, 1879 the Holton home was sold to Job Lingham, a lumber merchant. Job held onto the home until his death, 25 April 1889. The home then sold to Thomas Ritchie, the proprietor of Ritchie Dry Goods. The last known owner of the residence before it was divided into condos, Robert Anthony Temple, a Lawyer, former Belleville Alderman and Member of Parliament representing Hastings. It is believed Robert purchased the property early 1960's.

Holton house 2018

Mr. Temple born October 8, 1926 Belleville, Ontario passed away 7 July 1987. His wife, Erika Oriol Dosal Temple died at the young age of 39, April 12, 1975. The picture to the right is a decent resemblance of what his home looked like before his death in 1987. *There was a swimming pool in this yard before it was sold and divided into condos.

Ezra William Holton Obituary

One of the oldest and most honored citizens of Belleville has passed away in the person of Ezra W. Holton, Esq.,

who died at an early hour this morning (hand written June 27, 1879), after a painful illness of some month's duration. Mr. Holton, who was an elder brother of the Hon. L. H. Holton , of Montreal, was born in Vermont, on the 7th day of September, 1810. He came to Canada in 181? with his father's family, who settled in Lansdown, South Leeds. In 1832 Mr. Holton cam to Belleville, and resided her continuously up to the time of his death. He was first engaged as a clerk in the store of the Hon. Billa Flint, but his business habits and personal character were so excellent that ere lont Mr. Flint-who was a very accurate judge of character-took him into partnership. After some years the partnership was dissolved by mutual consent, and Mr. Holton continued in business on his own account until his retirement, after a highly successful career, some years ago. He married in 1836 Miss Lucy Clement, who, with two sons and one daughter, survive him, and who have the sympathy of the residents of this city, of all classes and creeds, in their bereavement. It would be impossible to speak too highly of the character of Mr. Holton. The very soul of honor in all matters of business, kindly and gentle in manner, and perfectly upright in all the relations of life, he was esteemed in the highest degree wherever known. His life was a peaceful and quiet one, as being of a retiring disposition, he refused all solicitations to become a candidate for either municipal or political offices, to either of which he undoubtedly have been elected; but the stormy arena of public life was not to his taste. His end came after severe suffering from a painful disease, which defied medical skill. Honored in life, he has left behind a name and a record which form a bright example, and an incentive for others to follow in his footsteps.

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