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Music In Belleville - A step back in time

The King Bees 1965 Belleville

My father, Charles Kammer (Kammer Music), directly or indirectly helped launch many a Belleville Bands/Artists careers. Selling them their instruments, offering music lessons, renting equipment, or just allowing individuals to post music events in his store.

One such band was "The King Bees". The Manning brothers each in their own band decided to unite September 1964. Billy (Guitar), John (sax), Bruce Manning (Bass). They would add Gene Latimer (drums) and the zany antics of Gary Knight (vocals) and a career was launched. They would sign with RCA and released a single called "Little Girl" in 1966. Flip side, "What's your name"

King Bees 45 1966

I can only assume the band gave my father their released single in kindness of his support. Note: The record has never been played and another individual has this same record (but used) listed on the internet for $125.00.

Question is, are these guys still in the area?

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