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BCI Friends Flashback

May 2, 1924

William Allan Dempsey, a fourth year Belleville High School student chosen to courier a message from Belleville Mayor Mikel to Toronto Mayor Hiltz and members of council. An invitation to celebrate Belleville’s 140th anniversary of the settlement of Upper Canada.

Mr. Dempsey a fourth generation United Empire Loyalist descendant, will make this journey by foot as the early pioneers once did.

William Allan Dempsey, a Empire Loyalist descendant of Grandfather, William Charles Dempsey 1861-1941, Great Grandfather William Ryerson Dempsey 1832-1914, and Great Great Grandfather William Dempsey 1799-1879.

William Allan Dempsey, born August 17, 1906, died March 13, 1993

His wife, Muriel Eileen Bentham, born October 1906, died June 26, 1947

His wife, Dr. Ethel Agnes Noble, born November 12, 1908, died August 12, 1995

William Charles Dempsey U.E.

William Charles Dempsey, born July 6, 1861, died December 10, 1941

His wife, Lorena E Smith, born November 27, 1864, died March 22, 1956

Children, Annie Evelyn, 1898-1994, William Allan, 1906-1993

William Ryerson Dempsey U.E.

William Ryerson Dempsey, born October 4, 1832, died Feb 13, 1914

His wife, Emily Boulter, born November 1, 1835, died Feb 19, 1919

Children, George Egerton Ross 1857-1883, Anna Marie 1859-1869, William Charles 1861-1941

Florence Emily 1864-1951, Sarah Letitia 1866-1904, Mark Ryerson 1870-1870,

Mary Elizabeth 1870-unknown, Alice Helen 1872-1946, Harry Ryerson 1876-1948

William Dempsey, born July 15, 1799, died November 12, 1879

His wife, Sarah Ann Mikel, born November 19, 1800, died October 1, 1876

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