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BCI Friends Flashback

BCIVS Driving Lessons c1951

By 1951 BCIVS did more than reading, writing, and arithmetic or even the extracurricular activities such as sports or school clubs. BCI introduced it's very own Driving School, the third one of it's kind in Ontario.

Principal Currie announced during an assembly that Bateman Motors was to donate a 1951 Dodge for their driving school. The day the car was to be presented to the school, Mr. Currie made arrangements for the classes dismissed ten minutes early, and everyone rushed out to the campus to watch for the new car. Even the school band was ready for its arrival. Then it came, the band started playing, the camera's started flashing, and the students started to cheer its arrival.

Each year BCI driving school would be able to accommodate 20 pupils, giving preference to grade 12 and 13 students.

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