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Flashback Saturday

picture dated 1956

Wayne Waite submits this picture dated 1956. Wayne lived on North Front Street where Northway Restaurant currently sits.

He told me that his friends, left to right Eugene Flunder, Rodney Bigby, Allan Martin, John Oliver, and Wayne Waite often played hockey on the ice situated at Jackson Woods. He went on to tell me that Jimmy Jackson who wasn't fond of kids, or at least on his property would spread manure on the ice to discourage the kids from playing there.


Jackson Woods which currently makes up the subdivision of homes on Heartwood Drive, Finch, Hawthorn, Magnolia, Hazel and Sandpiper Crt was originally owned by farmer James Wellington Jackson. This large piece of property sits between College and Tracey Streets across from the former Quinte Secondary School. I remember myself as a small boy during the 1970's riding my bike through the various trails of this vast property. I understand there were many a bush party that went on deep in the woods :)

Jackson Ave named after James Wellington Jackson


Genealogy: James Wellington Jackson - born August 23, 1887 Belleville, Ontario

died June 9, 1965 Belleville, Ontario

his wife Lillian May Storey - born November 3, 1887 Tipton, Staffordshire, England

died September 12, 1974 Belleville, Ontario

daughters, Helen May Jackson - born/death 1909

Laura Jackson Denyes - born December 10, 1910 Belleville, Ontario

died January 21, 1999 Belleville, Ontario

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