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Who, What and Where - Revealed

Who, What and Where Revealed

c1880 Picture to be revealed next week

Richard Greatrix was born 1835 in Lincolnshire England to parents John Greatrix and Rebecca Dring. By the time Richards father John died in 1851, he was a Bakers apprentice. After the death of their mother, Richard and his five siblings immigrate to Canada. For a short time, they make Port Hope their home before making Belleville their permanent home.

By the 1870s, Richard Greatrix with wife Mary Rierdon establish a Bakery and Confectionary store on the South West corner of Pinnacle and Market Streets. There with their children, Rebecca, William, Charlotte, Mary (Minnie), Richard, Beatrice, Agnes, and Earnest carved out a living as Bakers. For over 30 years Richard and son William and much later Earnest ran the Greatrix Bakery and Confectionary at 156 Pinnacle Street.

156 Pinnacle C1880



Father - John Greatrix Born 1795 Lincolnshire England - Died 1851 Lincolnshire England

Mother - Rebecca Dring Born abt 1800 Lincolnshire England - Died 1852 Lincolnshire England

Richard Greatrix Sr Born Feb 20, 1835 Lincolnshire England - Died Sept 10, 1920

Mary Rierdan (wife) Born 1841 Limerick, Ireland - Died Aug 14, 1912

Richard Greatrix obit

Children: Rebecca A Greatrix Born Jan 10, 1859 Belleville, Ontario - Died Jan 27, 1879 Belleville, Ontario

William Robert Greatrix Born 1861 Belleville, Ontario - Died Mar 14, 1953 Toronto, Ontario

Charlotte "Lottie" Greatrix Born 1863 Belleville, Ontario - Died Nov 28, 1947 Belleville, Ontario

Mary Etta "Minnie" Greatrix Born July 23, 1865 Belleville, Ontario - Died April 24, 1950 Belleville, Ontario

Richard Frederick Greatrix Born Jan 8, 1868 Belleville, Ontario - Died Feb 27, 1921 Dunmore Pa USA

Beatrice Greatrix Born Feb 8, 1869 Belleville, Ontario - Died Aug 27, 1953 Belleville, Ontario

Agnes L Greatrix Born Aug 29, 1873 Belleville, Ontario - Died June 6, 1875 Belleville, Ontario

Earnest Herbert Greatrix Born Sept 29, 1875 Belleville, Ontario - Died June 26, 1954 Belleville, Ontario


Oddly after posting this story I come to find out my family has connections to this Greatrix family. In 1886 my grandfather x3 Joseph Arney was killed by a train in Kaladar, Ontario. His wife Mary Ann Cooper Arney later remarries Samuel Greatrix. Samuel's father James and Richard's father John are brothers. How cool is that.


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