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BCI Friends Flashback - Bands of the 1970's

Fusion c1972

Many bands were conceived during the 1970's. Several of these musicians went on to make a career in music, while others carried on music as a serious side career.

Two of the earliest bands to grace the BCI Stage were Sonification and Fusion. After chatting with Doug Dixon and Duncan Boyce they both confirmed Fusion's existence and gave me their version of the bands line up. Doug Dixon on Guitar, Duncan Boyce on drums, Matt Niedswiecki on keyboards and they used either Derek Hume or John Secord on Bass.

Sonification another band from same era, shared the stage with Fusion. Sonification had a line up of Hugh Sully on guitar, Gord Taylor on Keyboards, Darren Miller on Drums, Denise Chartrand on vocals and Joe Lewis on Bass.

Many who attended BCI during the 1970's will remember the Gad Guys. The Gad guys consisted of Lance Jeffrey on Drums, Clyde Dawson on Bass and I believe Gord Spafford on Guitar. (Line up from memory) They are best remembered for being the pit band for Kampus Kapers over several years in the mid 1970's. Note: Lance being Kampus Kapers Music Director.

Other bands included Axxe, which included Mike O'Neil on drums. Other members of the line-up unknown to me. Mike is best remembered for driving around with his drum kit in the back of a hearse.

During the late 1970's I belonged to a short lived band which performed Kampus Kapers and a few dances. If my memory serves me correctly, we called ourselves "Phil in the Blanks". The line up consisted of Brian "Phil" Burnett on guitar and vocals, Randy Hill on lead guitar and vocals, Clyde Dawson on Bass and vocals, Jamie Voogt on Keyboards, and me, Jim Kammer on Drums. Note, after this short lived existance, Clyde went on to teach music in western Ontario and Randy went on to play guitar for Michelle Wright.

Note: All the musicians listed above have carried on with music in some capacity.

If I have forgotten to mention your 1970's band, please feel free to fill us in.

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